Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vancouver tomorrow!

So i'm off to Vancouver tomorrow for the Moods hair Salon and Joico hair show, and i'm extreamly excited! I'm just doing some last minute packing and getting ready to catch the 11:00am ferrie and religously practicing my walk. Show rehersal is on the 17th and the 18th is the show. I hope all of you will check in to my blog as I will be updating as much as I can during my trip. I'm also meeting with someone to sign contracts for another show that's taking place May 1st, it's a fashion show fundraiser to help the efferts in Chili. I also went for my interview at Richard Mar school for hair and i'm in for thier show on May 6th, which is also a fashion show fundraiser. I Will be selling tickets to both the shows on May 1st (Vancouver) and May 6th (Victoria). Tickets are only $10 you'll get to have a really awsome time, and half the proceeds go to cherity! I'll let everyone know when tickets go on sale, hope to see you there!!!!

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  1. So exciting; lots going on! :) So great that you're doing the fundraiser for Chile, such a great cause. Huge congrats on getting the Richar Mar gig, too!