Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hair show!

Well some of you may know that I recently traveled to Vancouver for a casting call for a hairshow. It took quite a bit of preperation and a lot of scrambling around and last minute changes. There were even a couple of times that I wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to get there, but luckily with a tremendus amount of help from family, friends and a couple of really awsome models, I made the trip work. I ended up taking the ferry with Mike and Mia and we traveled to Yale town by car from the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. Along the way we got to see quite a few interesting things, including a man named Elvis and Various strange yet intriguing statues. I really wish I could have gotten a hold of a camera, but that was the last thing on my mind. Mike, Mia and I ended up browsing the shops and killing time before went to go meet Nicole Mortenson, who gave me some really helpful tips and made me feel confedant before the casting call. Jessica Schafer had met with me about a week or so prier back in Victoria and really helped me a great deal as well. When it came for me to go Moods hair Salon I went to the front desk and told the receptionist I was there for the casting call and then sat in the waiting room. Models gradually began to show up and the room bagan to fill. I was nervous at first but I kept thinking of what I had talked about with Nicole and Jessica and quickly felt confedant again. We were then lead to a back room in Moods and we were met by a representative of Joico hair products. I stayed cool and calm and managed to keep good posture and eye contact. I felt a confedance I hadn't in years. The casting call went extreamly well and I will be participating in the hairshow in Vancouver on the 18th of April. Plus I got to see a really kick ass haircut that i'll be getting, i'm completely stoked! My hair is going to be cut and styled by none other than Chad Taylor, who won best hair dresser in Canada in the contessa awards this year. He has also worked done work for Canada's next top model, and for designers such as Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Victoria's seacret. Finally, I feel like i'm getting somewhere, and I can't wait until April! I'll be in Vancouver for sure on the 17th and 18th, possibly longer. I will be using my new blogg during this time to keep everyone updated on the events that are going to be taking place and hopfully will be able to post some photos and other nifty things during that time. So stay tuned for updates and wish me luck! :)

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